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Why my needle breaks

Hi. I've received this order and I am a bit disappointed. First, the needles are breaking too easily, was only able to quilt an inch before the needle broke. It had not happened to me before. I have tried another needle from the pack - same thing. It broke. Now, the thimble is not holding any needle enough for me to be able to actually quilt with such a contraption. The only items that are useful - silicone finger grippers, that's all. Any suggestions? Thanks. Elena. 


Hi, Elena, nice to hear from you. First, I'd like to remind you that getting my thimbles and needles are only a beginning. They are the best tools to enable you to quilt the technique I have developed that are now enjoyed by countless hand quilters around the world for the past 15 years. The reason it still sells so strongly for so long is because it works! 

Put on an attitude of learning, read my book and watch my DVD closely - like many said they watched three times before trying the technique - to make sense where stress come from, how and when needle breaks - if you don't break a needle, needle don't break by itself. I can assure you that the dimple is way big enough to move the needle more than half a circle - however, I do understand what you meant because many students in my class found the same thing at the start of the class - as they understand better what was the cause of it and change how they move hands, they all found they were the problem not the needle or the thimble. Only then, they started to address how they sew and see perfect tiny stitches without any pain on their own hands and needles (needle breaks under "pain" when you stress it too much. 
Try to address how you quilt is the way to go. When you take away all stress on your own hands and needles, thin and long needles become the best choice for loading lots of tiny stitches at a time to quilt faster. I hope this suggestion can point out a direction for improvement. You are the one to make a difference.
Cheers, Liuxin
Thanks, Liuxin. I will consider buying your DVD. I do think, that the problem with the needles is that they are simply too fragile. I can appreciate the effect of them easily gliding into the thickness of the quilt, but they snap like matches. Is this possible, that this product could just be a defective one? It might be good to look into that. Elena.