YLI fine silk threads for hand quilting is to be discontinued at Thimblelady. Get remaining stock in bundles at a great discount!

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YLI Threads for hand applique is to be discontinued. All stock goes. Get a random bundle at a suicidal discount now!

Hi, Appliquers, we are having a clearance sale on  YLI Threads, – The #100 silk threads for needle turn applique. The clearance sale is in the form of thread bundles – Liuxin has bundled the colors together to give you can make the most of each thread bundle. These #100 YLI silk threads are the best for needle turn applique. But why do we discontinue it?

After appliqueing for 20 years, I want to focus on Thimblelady’s new Just Quilting design kits – where applique is a technique and application will be part of embellishment. I have been reexamining the quilt-making process as technology advances. I think it is time to make quilt making more affordable and less labor intensive so we can keep making more creative, even more beautiful and fun quilts @higher quality. No discount on creativity, beauty and fun, nor quality, RIGHT?!

Enhance the creative fun of quilt-making and get rid of the tedious repetition and wasteful labor from traditional quilt making process.

Grey Threads

YLI Thread S-232

CAD $6.53

Blue Threads

YLI Thread S-205

CAD $6.53

Tips on selection of colors:

As the rule of thumb, for invisible effect on needle turn applique project, get the color of thread slightly "duller" in tone than the fabrics of your project. For decorative effect on hand piecing project, choose brighter or lighter or contrasting color thread as a "show off".

Needle turn Applique Basics on color matching:

Always match the thread color to the color of the fabric that is the up layer whatever design you applique or whether it is reverse applique or applique applique, or whether the pattern is traditional or contemporary in style.