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Get the Last of the Sewing Thimbles for Sale as Seen on Simply Quilts

Our thimbles come in three different materials to suit any sewing enthusiast, no matter the level of skill. From beginners to professionals, these thimbles will help reduce the stress on your fingers while partaking in your favourite activity. First seen on Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson, they’re now on sale as we continue to develop and improve our design.

The three available are:

  • Sterling Silver – Perfect for anyone that has sensitive hands or skin.
  • Stainless Steel – The most durable and comes with a lifetime warranty of 30 years.
  • Plastic – So lightweight, you’ll hardly feel it! It’s also the most comfortable for swelling fingers.

If you do have any skin allergies we recommend consulting your doctor first before purchasing to ensure your new sewing thimble won’t cause you any harm.

Why choose Thimblelady brand thimbles?

Thimblelady is a resource for the quilting world. From applique kits and training videos, to quilting hoops and free stencils, we only provide the highest quality supplies. Everything is made with the hand quilter in mind, regardless of whether you’re only starting out or running your own professional business.

Our thimbles are designed with simplicity and comfort in mind and overcome the shortcomings of more traditional thimbles. If you’re looking for a bargain that you’ll want to use again and again, you’ve come to the right place.

We now have a new and updated thimble for sale that fits even better on your finger than our original. That’s because we’re dedicated to continuing to learn and develop our ideas and make sure the art of quilting is easy on the joints and easy to learn.

USD $38.00

Quilting Thimbles

Plastic Quilting Thimble

USD $13.99
USD $73.00

Quilting Thimbles

Thumb Quilting Thimble

USD $76.00
USD $73.00

Quilting Thimbles

Thimble Holder

USD $138.00

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If you have any questions about thimbles, including our new and updated thimble, please feel free to get in touch. You can reach us via email on or by phone on +612 9144 7207. We also have a friendly online community forum that we encourage you to join. Get in touch with other quilters nearby and around the world and share your knowledge or learn new tips and tricks today!