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Hand Quilting Books

If you are looking for quilting books with ideas, quilt patterns and quilting designs or stencils to make your next quilt, you are in the right place.

Our how-to quilting books are step by step tell all books by Liuxin Newman, the Thimblelady matched with lavish illustrations and diagrams. Having achieved great result in hand quilting herself through innovative approach, Liuxin’s mission is to help all hand quilters to become the best they can be and enjoy hand quilting like all who have learned it using Thimblelady thimbles.  With Liuxin’s how-to books, you can learn!

How do Thimblelady hand quilting books differ?

For those of you who are interested in getting a pattern or stencil to make a quilt without learning being computer savvy, these patterns are created to the size specified. All are ready to print.

All basic quilt stencils are free; Most block patterns and traditional patterns are free so you can try them out. Patterns designed as the rest of the set in the same style are available once you like to have more of the same style, e.g. print the little elephant. Try to applique it. If you are happy with your skill and the result, you can purchase the rest animals created to the same style - $8/set of 6 animals. The same principle applies to all our original designs.

No sewing instructions for you to decypher: For how to instructions, get Thimblelady's excellent how to books/DVDs on quilting and applique techniques. Learn every technique visually, precisely and properly.

No miscalculations: All quilt patterns are Visual - created to the actual sizes! Select the size you want. All designs are in the right proportion big or small. Just printand trace the design as is. See the sample below or watch video tutorial:

Cut the original size pattern into border strips, various centre blocks. Follow the colour guide to make individual blocks and join the blocks, sashing and border until you finish a quilt top. To change the size of a quilt, just print the template in different sizes maintaining the proportion!