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Applique Fabrics

Thimblelady’s own brand of 100% fine cotton fabrics designed for quilters to be the best appliquers, piecers and quilters. They are a must have for your making quilts by hand!

Why thinner yarn instead of thicker yarn for fabrics? What difference does denser woven materials make?

Thinner yarn makes fabrics thinner therefore easy to applique points, indentations, tiny circles or tight curves etc because thinner material means less bulk seams when seam widths are the same.

Thick fabrics don't use more cotton when thick yarns are loosely woven, therefore, thick cotton materials are not necessarily more valuable. To put it more straight forward, pay more for materials don't get you better fabrics nor will it improve the quality of your quilt work. Every chance, it makes sewing harder, as loosely woven materials fray more easily. Thicker materials are too bulky to applique or hand sew.

Are this range of fabrics good for piecing or machine sewing?

Absolutely. Hand sewers' hands are far more precious and "fussier" than electric powered machines. Using the thinner and denser weave fabrics make precision piecing more accurate as less bulk "disappears" when turning the fabric pieces.

Try our fine and densely woven cotton fabrics and see the difference best materials can make to your work and the ease of your stitching!