Sewing Thimbles

Get the last of the silver thimbles as seen on Simply Quilts. This line of old style thimbles is now in a new improved version. It fits even better on your finger!


                  Thank you, Liuxin! I got my THIMBLE, I love it!!! Yeah!. 
                  I was up until 12 pm, I couldn't stop once I got started!!!

I'm so glad I ordered the thimble, even if it was an impulse.  As some
people have said, I could have gone out to dinner,spent that kind of
money and had nothing to show for it. 

I'm so glad I saw you on Simply Quilts.  Your quilting was inspirational.

                           Thanks again, Janet Trapp, Maywood, NJ  USA


Hi, Liuxin,
I wanted to let you know that your thimbles are absolutely fantastic.  They are the most comfortable thimbles I have ever worn.  Feel free to use this email as a testimonial--I think everyone who uses a thimble should try yours.  They will never go back to any other!

                                                                                     Lois, Texas, USA

Hi Liuxin!
My thimble arrived today -- it is a perfect fit. Thank you so much. I have to admit it felt a little odd at first as I am not used to the opening on top. And it is so very light  (that was a surprise),  just like a second skin. Having tried one of the "premium" thimbles in a quilt shop I was disheartened by how heavy it felt -- not appealing at all. How pleased I am that I waited and discovered you on Simply Quilts. It was the deep dimples aspect of your thimble that sold me.

 Now for the best news. I immediately sat down with your videotape for my private lesson. I have spent the past half an hour practicing the rocking stitch and I cannot believe how your thimble makes such a difference. Immediately I found I could get more stitches on the needle and they are a fairly consistent size. What I noticed immediately is that I am no longer fighting to keep the needle in place on the thimble. MANY thanks! I have not done much hand quilting, as I had been very frustrated by my inability to control the needle. I can now see hope on the horizon!

                                                                              Karen  Hill, Traverse City, MI, US


      New addition: the gold thimble for find hand sewing!

For hand quilting thimbles, go to Quilting thimbles. For best learning experience, go to quilting learning package.

For more on hand quilting, visit - our new teaching site  - packed with quilting tips and sewing lessons!

Click here for finger sizing instructions. Get my quilting book/DVD with tuturoials on both the cone thimble and the old style thimble for hand quilting.

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