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Sewing Needles

Welcome to the home of the best hand sewing needles!

Sewing needles are one of the keys to improve your sewing and eliminate physical stress on your hands.

Thimblelady fine needles are made of Grade A surgical steel with sharper points and smoother surface for easy penetration and less gripping pain on your sewing hands.

Thinner and longer by ratio yet stronger allow you to load many more stitches easily, pull the needle with ease and do not sway like the good old straw needles. The strength of the needles comes from using the highest quality of Grade A steel instead of adding thickness to a needle to reduce breakage. The cause of much hand pains and needle breakage are the result of resistance from too thick a needles pushing through too fine a fabric. 

Our 3 sizes cover all your fine hand sewing needs by matching the densities of weave of your fabrics for all hand sewing purposes. No need for more needles.


Other needles for special sewing purposes:

Basting/sashiko needles:
The needles best for decorative stitching using thick decorative threads. Of course for basting.


Self-threading needles:
The needles best for tieing away multi-strands of thread tails after machine quilting! It is also great for fluffy wool threads.

  • Hand sewing needles
    $6.99 Choose Options Hand sewing needles
    Sewing needles made in surgical steel in a packet of 26 needles. Thimblelady Brand. Sharper and thinner with a smoother surface - egonomically designed to reduce the stress on sewing hands from "pinching", "pushing" and...

  • Needles-Set
    $18.00 Needles-Set
    Best hand sewing needles in economic combo set - a set of three packets in any size(s) for less! Place your choice of sizes in the "order comment" column. Thimblelady's fine hand sewing needles are made of surgical steel...

  • Two sizes available: L for fingers wearing ML and L size thimbles. 
S for fingers wearing M and SM size thimbles.
    $8.00 Choose Options Needle grabbers (4 pcs)
    Hand sewing finger gloves for your sewing. No more gripping pain for hand sewing! - Wear it on the index finger or thumb when hand quilting, to pull needleful of stitches through effortlessly. For applique or other hand...

  • Self threading needles
    $4.46 Self threading needles
    Stop searching for big eye needles! Don't waste money on needle threaders! These double self threading needles (of assorted sizes) make needle threaders irrelevant! No threading needed. Just pull the...

  • Sewing needles (extra large)
    $5.99 Sewing needles (extra large)
    Hand sewing needles made for decorative stitching. 10 needles/pack. - No biting the needle to pull the frayed threads through. hehe, I know what you went through. Thos of you who know what I am talking about, try these...

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