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Security and Privacy

Shop at thimblelady.com - most secure and private

Tripple Security:
1. Thimblelady's shopping cart is
a secured shopping cart by the provider.

2. Thimblelady website is also secured by GeoTrust to protect all customer account information - your email address and shipping address. No customer financial information is kept with or handled by Thimblelady even with the security certificate. 

3. All transactions are conducted the world's most secure way:
*Direct Bank deposit within Australia - customers transfer payment directly to Thimblelady bank account;
*Credit Card Directly to National Australia Bank. - NEW! Customers around the world can now make payment using any credit card through National Australia Bank! Convenient and secure!
*Paypal Express - the world's biggest secure online payment gateway. Customers make payment directly to Thimblelady via Paypal without giving away customer payment information to Thimblelady (you should not give your financial information to any seller for your own security);

Most private:
Thimblelady is a business dedicated to advance the art of quilting. We have never and will never give away our customer contact information to any other party. 

Trust is earned for being honest all the time: 
1. The most secure place to shop is to buy from reputable source - from the people you can trust. Since 1998 when Liuxin first developed her quilting thimble, as seen on Simply Quilts, she has invented more great tools and shared her innovative hand quilting, needle turn applique techniques arround the world. Just ask around, you will find Thimblelady is an excellent small family business in Australia with customers around the world. We have won our good reputation through 14 years of hard work and fair trading. We always make sure our customers receive the goods they ordered. That is why you can trust Thimblelady. Try us! Try a little to start with, you shall see.

2.  One's deed is the best judgement of his or her future record.
1. Willing to put customer security first: You may have been told buy on site with https:// is more secure... NOT any more! It is now illegal for any business (with or without https://) to take credit card information over the internet unless the business is a legal financial institution, such as a bank or Paypal (secure payment gateway that direct your financial information to the bank). 

Then why does thimblelady still have https://? This is to protect our customers information including email address. Our shopping cart are customer payment information are now protected by legal financial institutions such as Paypal and National Australia Bank. Your payment information goes straight to them - not even through Thimblelady. 


More information on secure online shopping:

No customer financial information will be passing through our hands any more - even if you trust us - no matter which of the following secure methods you choose to make payment. 

I stress, Choosing Paypal, you will be led to Paypal's secure site to make your payment. Payment will be cleared instantly! And without currency exchange fee to you. Choosing our new Paypal Express option, you can shop without an account with us.

Choosing our new Credit Card facility by National Australia Bank (NAB), you will be led to NAB's secure site to make your payment. Payment will be also be cleared instantly! And without currency exchange fee to you.

Choosing bank deposit, you will make payment on your own bank's seucre site to our bank. We no longer handle financial information over the internet as it is now illegal for any non-financial institutions to do so. We deliver your order immdediately after your order payment is cleared into our account.

Go to Currencies and Payment Options for more information and how to pay instructions.


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