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Quilting patterns for advanced

Quilting designs for advanced quilters 

Quilting Designs especially made with love by Thimblelady to help YOU show off your excellent needle skills!

We assume you have already mastered all Thimblelady's innovative techniques on hand quilting, hand applique and hand piecing. If you haven't, get Thimblelady's learning packages to sharpen your skills first.


  • Log Cabin Quilt Design - Gone with the Wind
    $0.00 Log Cabin Quilt Design - Gone with the Wind
    A Log Cabin Quilt Design in fusion style: Gone with the Wind - where East meets West at its best! Using our visual Pattern and easy foundation piecing method before embellishing it with simple stitchery of ginkgo leaves as...

  • Christmas quilt pattern of 9 pieces in 1 with step-by-step instructions and lavish illustrations.
    $19.99 Christmas Quilt Pattern ebook - Joy of Christmas (9 pieces in 1)
    This Christmas quilt pattern ebook of 33 pages with step by step instructions and lavish illustrations. 1. It is designed for beginner quilters who need step by step instructions to make the items. Experienced quilters who...

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