Quilt Stencils are FREE!


Hi, everyone,  It always touches me SO MUCH, in this cruel world, when I receive calls and emails from our customers to warn me to correct my mistake on setting the new Stencils as $0.00! Looking for nice people? Here THEY are! They don't want to take advantage of anybody! Thank you SO MUCH for remaining honest in a world far too many don't even know what honesty looks like.  No. It is not a mistake. YES, the stencils are FREE for all, particularly for the honest quilters - you make me feel so appreciated!

The Quilt Stencils are FREE for all! Nobody supplies it. They are most useful and are difficult for you to draw such basic shapes easily and accurately at home. I am a wizard at the professional graphic software. It is easy and only taking about 2 hours to draw up a basic shape in all sizes and set the sofware to work out the precise measurements (to four digits after the decimal point) for each size I specify at a click of the button! To compare with how much convenience it can give you in the future, my 2 hours are well spent!

Go ahead and enjoy them. Don't forget to tell fellow quilters about our new patterns and free stencils. New patterns will be loaded every day for the next 200 days - remember, Thimblelady is where you look for quilting ideas, patterns and learn how to quilt!