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Hand Piecing Tools

Enjoy the ultimate pleasure of hand piecing with the Magic Piecing Trio!
Another Thimblelady invention that makes perfection easy!

Perfect piecing no longer depends on the coordination of your hands and eyes! ANYONE, new and experienced, old and young can all piece perfectly. 

Magic Seam folder:     Stitch Regulators:       Magic Squares:

magic-marker.jpg  patchwork piecing.jpg  piecing-magic-square-sample.jpg

This trio has not only made perfection of hand piecing stitches a piece of cake, it alsoallows you to pieceany straight seams of any geomatric shapes precisely with ease!

It allows you to create endless designs in quilt-as-you-go way through each individual squares. No basting. No quilting. Just piecing - you've got a finished quilt with double sided designs! It is simply MAGIC! Check out the piecing learning package too.

  • Magic Seam Folder
    $12.99 Magic Seam Folder
    Magic Seam Folder, aka Magic Marker.   Pros: Best for all purpose of sewing from quilting (mark on right side of material), piecing to needle applique (mark on wrong side of material). What makes it better than...

  • Stitch Regulator (Small)
    $29.99 Stitch Regulator (Small)
    Thimblelady's revolutionary New Design for whipstitch hand piecing! No pinching pain on the non-sewing hand. No paper basting needed. Perfect stitching simply beyond the best of your hands and eyes combined! Watch...

  • Stitch Regulator (Large) for hand piecing
    $29.99 Stitch Regulator (Large) for hand piecing
    Piecing with a difference! Hand piecing without pain. Large Stitch Regulator (Large) is part of the Thimblelady's revolutionary New Design for whipstitch piecing!   The regulators are used to hold your projects...

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