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Hand Piecing

Hand piecing is a great skill to have for many reasons; whether you’re aiming for a traditional look with your quilts, or just want the experience of doing things the old fashioned way, it’s good to practice these techniques. To help you get started, I have developed a select range of piecing packages, with all the tools you need to get the best possible results.

Each package contains my signature fine needles, a spool of contrast thread, magic squares, and more – see the individual product page for details. These packages are great for those who are just learning hand piecing techniques, as they make it a little easier to get it right the first time. You can also buy replacement items individually; just click the appropriate category in the left hand menu.

Interested in hand piecing tutorials?

I often publish new articles to help my readers and customers with their hand piecing techniques. Click on the ‘Online tutorials’ drop down menu at the top of the page to see the full list. You’ll find plenty of inspiration for new projects, as well as new ways to use the fabric and tools you already have! Want even more tutorials and how-to guides? Head on over to the new dedicated teaching site at thimbleladyquilting.com, where you’ll discover a range of helpful resources for everyone from total beginners to experienced quilt artists! For any further information, queries about my range or to suggest a tutorial topic, feel free to contact me.

  • Magic Square and Stitch Regulator Trio  Package
    $89.00 Magic Square and Stitch Regulator Trio Package
    Transform your hand piecing now! It is going to be your piecing companion. Buy the package, you save! They last forever. The trio package contains a full set of Stitch Regulator Set (2 pairs: Small size regulators for...

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