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New Quilt Pattern - Treasure Box of Magic Squares

Hand piecing half triangle has never been so easy! No more crooked points by folding it in Magic Squares! Better still, you are not piecing a quilt top only, piecing a magic square is piecing a mini-quilt! When you are done with piecing, you'll get a quilt, big or small:

Here is how to make a magic square with two perfect half triangles:

1. Cut fabrics: 2 x 7cm/3in strip pieced together. The net width of a strip is 6cm. You can add two seam allowance onto the net width. However, magic square is very forgiving in width of seems, be it narrow or wide.5243d4d01e037.jpg

2. Then align the inner line of the Magic template with the sewing line of the two strips. See the red line in the following diagrams:



3. Score a clear, accurate and sharp seam fold using the Magic Seam folder: Place the fabric square wrong side up over a soft padding or an anti-slipery silicone pad. place the Magic Template on the fabric aligning the "inner mark" with the fabric sewing seam. Mark the square. Then cut the square with some seam allowance of which the width doesn't need to be accurate.

Now you can see, it is easier than the basic Magic Squares if you simply fold and piece by where the colour breaks!smily.gif


The yellow dotted line in the diagram above shows you how the finished square will shape up. If you don't already know how to make a basic Magic Square, click here to watch the video demo - scroll down the page and click on the right pointing arrow. The video will start to play!

4. Once you made 9 gem squares, or 36 or even more, you can start desiding on which treasure box you are going to make! They are just about identical in using the colours. But different compositions made them look so different! print this page and just follow the picture.

Treasure box 1:


Assembly order of the above:


 Treasure box 2:


Assembly order of the above:


Treasure box 3:

6-ct64-5-r56s6x9-mg9-9e.jpg Assembly order of the above:


Treasure Box 4:


Assembly order of the above:


See? This is how easy! Get started now. Use any fabrics in any colours. If you love the gem stone colours, here aare the fabrics  you need:

2 metres of the rainbow colour farics make 4 patterns (36 squares make 1 pattern. The above throw size quilt each contains 9 patterns). To make a quilt (4 patterns x 36 squares/block) in the colours of the above designs´╝î you will need  1/4 of each of roses, light purples, peacock blues, blues, kahke and pink sands as well as 1/2 metre of peach-apricot = a total of 2 metres of fabrics which includes the backing. 

Please note, all above underscored "word“ are active links that will take you to the exact products if you click on it. Simple!