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Magic Square bag's double sided bag handles and more

For the beautiful double sided magic square bag, you'll need the double sided bag handles and 8 cute chrysanthemum flowers:

Fabrics used to make the chrysanthemum is the peach to apricot colours from Thimblelady's grauduated rainbow colour fabrics collection.


And a pair of double sided bag handles:


To make the flowers:

1. Each flower: Cut 1 strip of fabrics (15cm x 4cm).


2. Join into a loop, then fold seams:


3. Fold the two edges almost together as shown below:


4. Use random big stitches to sew the folded edges together:


5. Stitch the bottom end (the side opposite the folded edges) with large running stitch and pull the thread tight to draw the fabric loop into a flower shape. Then use another small fabric scrap (3 cm round shape) and wrap a bit of stuffing and turn it into a little ball for the centre of the flower.  Stitch the bits and bulbs into places.

cloth flower 2.jpg  

To make the bag handles:

1. Every handle needs two strips of fabrics. So you'll need 4 pieces. I made 1 blue and 1 red strips for each of the two handles, just to make the double sidedness even more obvious! Each strip measures 35cm x 2.5cm /1inch (finished width).  Plus a big of light iron on interfacing.

Use Magic Seam Folder to make a perfect and clear fold from the wrong side of the handle fabrics. Fold the seams towards the centre. Then place every two handle pieces together with wrong sides together.

Machine stitch to join each two handle together as the pictures below: leaving two ends open!


2. Making the end points: Follow the step-by-step tutorials:






3. When handles are correctly made, they should look like what is in the picture below:


Then assemble the bag handle as shown below. Stitch the handle in place. Then add two chrysanthemum flowers one side each to cover the stitches. 


Completed bag should look like this! Beautiful, inside out! 


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