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Online shopping at Thimblelady is easy! 

Online shopping is part of life. It is easier than in shopping in a traditional shopping centre. Don't let yourself be scared by the "bells and wistles" of technology". This Guide is where I walk you through the tools, tutorials in step-by-step pictures. It is safe. It is convenient with a much greater choice for you to choose. Here at Thimblelady, you can also get all the video tutorials too!

The best way to learn the ”internet stuff" is to learn a bit at a time. Once you know how to get your way around on this site, you will find shopping elsewhere isn't much different either. 

Print the pictures out and use it as your online "walking stick". Follow every step as shown in the pictures. After you do it 3 times, you too can throw the stick out, and browse around like a pro. 

Tip before you start: at the bottom of every page, there is a button called Return to Home page. As a general rule: every word or phrase under scored and in blue colour is what's called an active link. It links to the content of the word or phrase, like a door to another room.

So whenever you feel lost, click on Return to Home, it will take you right back to where you began! Start again. Go to the subcategories below by clicking on each active link (underscored) to learn more support that will  be helpful. Practice shopping - use the helpful tools to guide your shopping. Practice makes it perfect
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Emmergency measure:
Click on Site map or HOME whenever you feel lost or confused. It will take you back to your starting point! 

Click on Live Support on the upper right hand corner of every page when it is blinking green! What is Live Support?

General Policies:

Security and Privacy
Currencies and Payment Options
Shipping and Delivery
Exchange & Refund

Want to speak to a real person? Live Support Chat

Shopping how-to:

How to size my finger?
How to exchange a thimble?

How to create a customer account?
How to sign in? How to reset your password
Helpful information inside your account 

Any teachers nearby can teach me?
Do you wholesale?

Common online skills:

Make characters bigger for easy reading
How to clear caches and refresh your browser history
What if my favourite Thimblelady website disappeared on me?
Where can I find product discriptions and demo videos? 
How to stop the demo videos "pausing"?
How to print a pattern much bigger than my A4 printer? 
More Useful Tools


further questions? Email Thimblelady.

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