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how to use visual pattern

Visual Patterns eliminates calculations and distortion out of quilt designs! I KNEW there must be a better way!!!

Who said we have to use figures and numbers to make quilts? ! In fact, we don't. Please watch this video! 

Finally, I have worked out a better way to guarantee YOU a better way of making different sized quilts out of a beautiful design! Last year when I first published thimblelady's new design - Fish O'Rainbow, my excitement quickly was overwhelmed by requests of precise measurements... I found it really hard because to me you DO NOT NEED IT -it is the proportion that matters! But try to convince nervous quilters not to rely on numbers was quite another matter. 

Visual Patterns will solve all the problems. I now have all patterns drawn and enlarge to all common sizes, from crib, throw, single, queen to king by proportion. So no matter what size quilt you are making out of the same design, you can be sure:

1. fish sizes will be in proportion to the change of quilt sizes. You won't have too fish too small or too big against the size of quilt.
2. border width will be in proportion to the change of quilt sizes and fish sizes. You won't have too wide or too narrow a border.

When the above vital design matter is taken care of, you can simply select the size of quilt you want and print the pattern as is. Cut the fish in the pattern out and paper piece by machine or by hand. Then join them up without the need for any numbers, therefore free of miscalculation!