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How-to tutorials

  • Perfect Hand Quilting_bk+DVD (English)
    $28.99 Perfect Hand Quilting_bk+DVD (English)
    How to hand quilt perfectly is not only possible but can be achieved in just hours. Try Thimblelady's 3-hour teaching course and learn through my tell-all hand quilting book/DVD. It is the best guide to perfect hand quilting...

  • Quilting Class DVD
    $13.99 Quilting Class DVD
    This quilting DVD is a stand alone product that goes with the book. It is for those quilters who bought Liuxin's book without the DVD. For a copy of the book with DVD, click here. The content of this stand alone DVD...

  • Learn how to make tiny dots, sharp points and fine lines with Thimblelady!
    $12.99 Applique Class DVD (needle turn techniques)
    The content of this stand alone DVD is the same as that enclosed in every needle turn applique book by Liuxin Newman. My 3 hour class in a 30 minutes Duration. Wants to learn everything about the how to perfect needle...

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