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Hand Quilting Thimblelady's Way

Hand Quilting Without Pain is truly easy when you quilt the Thimblelady's way! No pricked underfinger means no touching of needle tip ever with your finger top or bottom! Get the learning kit now and start enjoying the ease of hand quilting.

Make Perfect quilts do not need to break the bank either! Every supplies essential and best for hand quilting can be found here:

Quilting thimbles, hand sewing needles, hand quilting threads, Thimblelady's exclusive fine cotton satin fabrics perfect for hand quilting and iron-off marker for tracing patterns are all here.

Complimentary patterns by Thimblelady for hand quilting can be downloaded for your convenience.


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  • Thimbles_Quilting_StainlessSteel
    $36.00 Choose Options Thimbles_Quilting_StainlessSteel
    Thimblelady's patented Cone Thimble in stainless steel - the most durable of all! If you want one thimble to quilt for life, this is the ONE! We are so confident of its durability, we have a life warranty of 30 years on it!...

  • Thimble_Quilting_Plastic
    $12.00 Choose Options Thimble_Quilting_Plastic
    Thimblelady's patented cone shape Thimble for hand quilting, a simple plastic version affordable for every quilter who wants to get started to perfect hand quilting without the usual hand pains quilters suffer! Each thimble...

  • Thimble_hand sewing_silver (new version)
    $69.00 Choose Options Thimble_hand sewing_silver (new version)
    Thimblelady's new version of the old style hand sewing thimble in solid sterling silver. The new improved version is designed to fit the top knuckle better and more comfortable.  You no longer need to worry about a...

  • Quilting hoop
    $68.00 Quilting hoop
    The best hand quilting hoops / frames are designed by award winning quilter, Liuxin Newman, the THIMBLELADY. See picture below for dimentions. The major characters and competitive advantages of Thimble Lady hoop are:1...

  • hand quilting thread - Natural
    $8.99 hand quilting thread - Natural
    Best hand quilting threads! Thinner and stiffer for perfect hand quilting result! Natural is the best 24/7 colour to keep. It suits all colours with an unmistakable determination of "return to nature"! Want that perfect...

  • Essential Quilting Package
    $66.00 Essential Quilting Package
    Package contains 1 book + DVD, 4 plastic thimbles (1 size each), 1 pkt M needle, 1 quilting kit of half metre best material for hand quilting with a pattern already traced, 1 piece of Hobbs resin bonded wadding/batting, 1...

  • Perfect Hand Quilting_bk+DVD (English)
    $28.99 Perfect Hand Quilting_bk+DVD (English)
    How to hand quilt perfectly is not only possible but can be achieved in just hours. Try Thimblelady's 3-hour teaching course and learn through my tell-all hand quilting book/DVD. It is the best guide to perfect hand quilting...

  • Complete Quilting learning package
    $128.00 Complete Quilting learning package
    Package contains 1 book + DVD, 4 plastic cone thimbles, 1 pkt M needle, 1 quilting kit of half metre best material for hand quilting with a pattern already traced, 1 piece of the best hand quilting wadding/batting, 1 reel of...

  • Quilting learning package (L)
    $159.00 Choose Options Quilting learning package (L)
    The new complete learning package for hand quilting has replaced the 4 plastic thimbles with 1 steel cone thimble and YES, the steel thimble is exchangable for better sizing. The rest of the package remains the same...

  • hand quilting thread - White
    $8.99 hand quilting thread - White
    White hand quilting thread is that eternal colour of  Thimblelady choice of most used colours for hand quilting. It can be used on every colour of fabrics, lights and darks alike, except white fabrics itself. Nothing...

  • Two sizes available: L for fingers wearing ML and L size thimbles. 
S for fingers wearing M and SM size thimbles.
    $8.00 Choose Options Needle grabbers (4 pcs)
    Hand sewing finger gloves for your sewing. No more gripping pain for hand sewing! - Wear it on the index finger or thumb when hand quilting, to pull needleful of stitches through effortlessly. For applique or other hand...

  • Thumb Quilting Thimble
    $73.00 Choose Options Thumb Quilting Thimble
    Made of Solid Sterling Silver. Innovative oval design holds your thumb well without pinching the sides like traditional thimbles.  To size your thumb: Wrap a piece of dental floss around the widest part of the...

  • Thimble_Silver finger
    $68.00 Choose Options Thimble_Silver finger
    Thimblelady's patented Cone Thimble in sterling silver. It doesn't just lift the pains like its plastic and steel sisters, it pempers your hands; It indulges your love of hand quilting; It transforms quilting from hardword...

  • Quilting learning Package (S)
    $98.00 Choose Options Quilting learning Package (S)
    This new essential learning quilting package is an alternative with ONE steel cone thimble replacing the four plastic thimbles. The steel thimble is still free exchangable 1 once for the best fit. The rest package is the...

  • Hand quilting thread (Natural)
    $8.99 Hand quilting thread (Natural)
    Best hand quilting threads! Thinner and stiffer for perfect hand quilting result! Natural is the best color to keep for "all purpose" hand quilting. It suits all colors of fabrics in general Try Natural color if you are...

  • eBook - new hand quilting designs
    $6.99 eBook - new hand quilting designs
    8 New hand quilting designs stencils in diamond shape for background quilting! Have been working on it for years. Finally got round to organize them into shapes and functions. This first collection of designs for...

  • Hand quilting practice kit
    $18.62 Choose Options Hand quilting practice kit
    Hand quilting practice kit, ready to quilt! $25/without batting; $35/with batting. 2 pieces of our fine cotton satin (50cm /20in x 70cm) for top and bottom. The top has Thimblelady practice pattern traced. The tracing is...

  • hand quilting thread - Black
    $8.99 hand quilting thread - Black
    One of the two monos of the most used hand quilting thread colours. It works best with dark colour fabrics or creamy white when you want to feature your hand quilting. The only think I don't recommend is to quilt a blck...

  • hand quilting thread - Russet
    $8.99 hand quilting thread - Russet
    One of the most used thread colour. This colour is suitable for fabrics colours in predominantly white and cream, grey to black, including indigo type of greyish blues. It also suits red to brown range of warm winter toned...

  • hand quilting thread - Gold
    $8.99 hand quilting thread - Gold
    The warmest of the most used thread colours. Remember that old saying, "when colours don't quite work, add yellow"? Feel free to quilt with this rich gold colour. This gold coloured thread add a warm undertone to all colours...

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