Learn How To Hand Piece Perfectly and Without Pain

Hand piecing is a great skill to have for many reasons; whether you’re aiming for a traditional look with your quilts, or just want the experience of doing things the old fashioned way, it’s good to practice these techniques. 

Like most hand quilters, a portable hand piecing project is a great pleasure and the best travel companion for those who keeps own hands as a virtue. However, I had to stop stitching from time to time to give my hands a rest because of the laborious strains and stress constant hand stitching can cause.  So I can I enjoy hand piecing without the rests any more? Thanks to the new innovation of Thimblelady’s following the patented hand quilting thimble and the pain-free hand quilting technique.  Liuxin’s new invention of her Stitch Regulators (introduced since 2009) for hand piecing now enables every hand piecer to piece perfectly without pain! 

Perfect and even hand piecing stitches can be perfected quickly using  Thimblelady Stitch Regulators and Magic Seam Folder, Liuxin’s other innovative tool set. The stitch regulator makes whip-stitching truly perfect by guiding your hand sewing needle’s movement through your pieces of fabric truly tiny, absolutely evenly spaced at right angle every stitch! In fact, it is so perfect that I feel guilty to leave the stitches on the wrong side of your quilt top like in the traditional paper piecing. I now have to hand piece on the right side of the quilt top so all my perfect stitches can be a new feature of my hand work and a testimony of my proud hand workmanship. 

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Hand Piecing Supplies

Hand Piecing better and easier the Thimblelady’s innovative way! Like English paper piecing but paperless!

No sore hands from pinching fabric pieces; No basting of templates; No sharp eye sight required; No sturdy hands needed any more!

Just Thimblelady’s magic seam folder and stitch regulators that will piece your dream work to perfection like never before!

See how Thimblelady’s regulators and seam folder (for applique too) at work.

Like to keep your hands busy while on the go? Try piecing Thimblelady’s ingenious Magic Squares!

Same piecing method for 40 different basic variations to create any triangles without ever cutting fabrics into a triangle! All points always meet perfectly. You have to try to believe it!

For all essential and best supplies needed, just click on the following buttons:

Hand piecing learning kit; Stitch regulators; Magic seam folder; Magic square templates and instruction booklet; Threads; needles, fabrics (any fabrics will do) and batting (any batting goes). 

Learn Hand Piecing With Thimblelady

Thimblelady’s Stitch Regulators and Magic Seam Folder are easy to use and easy to learn. It can be learned quickly without endless practice because it has eliminated human dependence on the coordination of sturdy hands and good eye sight. The little practice you will need is to get used to poke your needle through the tracks along the regulator’s top edge and develop a rhythm in the movement of your needle until you are confident that you can see more with your eyes closed!  

About The Thimblelady Method

Hand piecing is no longer a labor intensive exercise. Thimblelady method is English paper piecing without using any paper templates – therefore no laborious tearing away the paper templates after having laboriously basted them on first.

Piecing can be learnt easily to perfection than ever before using Thimblelady Stitch Regulators and Magic Seam Folder – Liuxin’s new invention since 2009. It is whip-stitching on the right side of a quilt top – to show off your perfect stitches! Everyone can hand piece to true perfection within hours or days!

Thimblelady new piecing tool set frees hand quilters from their dependence on the coordination of good eye sight and sturdy hands! No more stress on your non-sewing hand from constant gripping of fabric pieces. Nor more eye strains from constant gazing at the needle point in order to see where to put your needle for even stitches. Let the Stitch Regulators to guide your needle’s movement so you can now enjoy hand piecing as much as you like in total peace!

The magic seam folder is a pencil with a strong needle as lead without ink therefore no refill ever needed. Inspired by traditional hera marker blade used in dress making, the pointy tip of the magic seam folder works wonders when it comes to fold seams of a sharp curve or a tiny circle for needle turn applique.

The fold a magic seam folder makes comes not from hard force (therefore no hurt to fabrics or even paper) but from a soft quilted padding. Place a piece of fabric wrong side up over a soft batted quilt block, and mark around a template on the fabric piece, you will get a cleanly folded seams most accurate to the template. You can also mark your hand quilting designs on the front of a sandwiched quilt without the slightest worry that “potential chemical residuals” may stain the quilt. Better still to alter the markings or erase it, just spray a bit of water. 

Both the stitch regulators and the magic seam folder never wear out. So once you have them, they are yours for life!

To help beginner quilters and experience quilters get started, I have developed different piecing packages for learning with all the tools you will need to get the best possible result.

  1. Hand piecing learning package: A set of 2 pairs of Stitch Regulators (Size Small for piecing fabrics; Size Large for piecing batted quilt blocks, a magic seam folder plus a magic square template with an instruction booklet of lavishly illustrated instructions and 40 patterns of the most basic variations of the magic square design and a Magic Square travel box. Please note,  Magic Square is a new type of  quilt-as-you-go design by Thimblelady. Magic Square is a mini-quilt with batting sewn into each square which then be pieced again together into a quilt of any size you like. This is enabled piecing from the outside of a quilt perfectly by the Stitch Regulators – all stitches are perfect. 
  2. Hand piecing basic package: a pair of Stitch Regulators in Size Small + a Magic Seam Folder for traditional straight piecing of quilt tops.