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Hand piecing with regulator

Hand Piecing better and easier the Thimblelady's innovative way! Like English paper piecing but paperless!


No sore hands from pinching fabric pieces; No basting of templates; No sharp eye sight required; No sturdy hands needed any more!

Just Thimblelady's magic seam folder and stitch regulators that will piece your dream work to perfection like never before!

See how Thimblelady's regulators and seam folder (for applique too) at work.

Like to keep your hands busy while on the go? Try piecing Thimblelady's ingenious Magic Squares!

Same piecing method for 40 different basic variations to create any triangles without ever cutting fabrics into a triangle! All points always meet perfectly. You have to try to believe it!

For all essential and best supplies needed, just click on the following buttons:

Hand piecing learning kit; Stitch regulators; Magic seam folder; Magic square templates and instruction booklet; Threads; needles, fabrics (any fabrics will do) and batting (any batting goes). 

  • Magic Seam Folder
    $12.99 Magic Seam Folder
    Magic Seam Folder, aka Magic Marker.   Pros: Best for all purpose of sewing from quilting (mark on right side of material), piecing to needle applique (mark on wrong side of material). What makes it better than...

  • Stitch Regulator (Small)
    $29.99 Stitch Regulator (Small)
    Thimblelady's revolutionary New Design for whipstitch hand piecing! No pinching pain on the non-sewing hand. No paper basting needed. Perfect stitching simply beyond the best of your hands and eyes combined! Watch...

  • Stitch Regulator (Large) for hand piecing
    $29.99 Stitch Regulator (Large) for hand piecing
    Piecing with a difference! Hand piecing without pain. Large Stitch Regulator (Large) is part of the Thimblelady's revolutionary New Design for whipstitch piecing!   The regulators are used to hold your projects...

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