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Hand Applique (needle turn)

New!!! Applique Learning kit is the ultimate how-to needle turn tutorial. Watch Liuxin demonstrate in motion how to applique curves, points, lines and circles! Yes, including the tiny circles as you have seen on the Quilt Show by Alex and Ricky. 

It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or experienced, the step-by-step video demo makes it easy for anyone to applique like a PRO in just a few hours! It is all about how to hold your project, the most natural way to stitch and how to needle turn the seams... Most of all, how to handle seams around the most basic 6 applique shapes because every image on earth is composed of one of multiple of the 6 most basic shape! 

Once again, The Applique learning package contains every essential materials and tools you will need to learn and practice the Thimblelady's innovative techniques. 


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  • Hand sewing needles
    $6.99 Choose Options Hand sewing needles
    Sewing needles made in surgical steel in a packet of 26 needles. Thimblelady Brand. Sharper and thinner with a smoother surface - egonomically designed to reduce the stress on sewing hands from "pinching", "pushing" and...

  • Needles-Set
    $18.00 Needles-Set
    Best hand sewing needles in economic combo set - a set of three packets in any size(s) for less! Place your choice of sizes in the "order comment" column. Thimblelady's fine hand sewing needles are made of surgical steel...

  • Magic Seam Folder
    $12.99 Magic Seam Folder
    Magic Seam Folder, aka Magic Marker.   Pros: Best for all purpose of sewing from quilting (mark on right side of material), piecing to needle applique (mark on wrong side of material). What makes it better than...

  • Iron-off markers (2)
    $8.99 Iron-off markers (2)
    A set of 2 Iron-off marker - the best for marking! Now you can feel free to mark as clearly as you like! Just iron the marks off after you are done! Can you believe it?! It doesn't matter what colour you use. As long...

  • appliqué Book + DVD (English)
    $28.99 appliqué Book + DVD (English)
    Hand appliqué can be perfected in a day if you know how! What to learn: I have developed and shared all my applique secrets how to techniques to show you how to needle turn seams at points,...

  • Two sizes available: L for fingers wearing ML and L size thimbles. 
S for fingers wearing M and SM size thimbles.
    $8.00 Choose Options Needle grabbers (4 pcs)
    Hand sewing finger gloves for your sewing. No more gripping pain for hand sewing! - Wear it on the index finger or thumb when hand quilting, to pull needleful of stitches through effortlessly. For applique or other hand...

  • Self threading needles
    $4.46 Self threading needles
    Stop searching for big eye needles! Don't waste money on needle threaders! These double self threading needles (of assorted sizes) make needle threaders irrelevant! No threading needed. Just pull the...

  • Sewing needles (extra large)
    $5.99 Sewing needles (extra large)
    Hand sewing needles made for decorative stitching. 10 needles/pack. - No biting the needle to pull the frayed threads through. hehe, I know what you went through. Thos of you who know what I am talking about, try these...

  • S-212
    $5.21 S-212
    Type a description for this product here...

  • S-218
    $5.21 S-218
    Silk threads, YLI #100, best for needle turn applique, whipstitch piecing, machine piecing (dial stitch length to 1.5 -2 mm instead of 2.4mm default length) and machine quilting.  Thimblelady's tip: The best for...

  • S-blacksilk
    $5.21 S-blacksilk

  • how to needle turn applique for beginners
    $58.00 Applique Learning Package
    The ultimate pack that will make "needle turn applique" easy as a piece of cake! It is all about how to use needle to turn your seams at points, indentations, concave, convex and circles to tiny dots! No noncense,...

  • S-232
    $5.21 S-232
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  • S-210
    $5.21 S-210
    Type a description for this product here...

  • S-206
    $5.21 S-206
    Type a description for this product here...

  • S-239
    $5.21 S-239
    Type a description for this product here...

  • S-235
    $5.21 S-235
    Type a description for this product here...

  • S-229
    $5.21 S-229
    Type a description for this product here...

  • S-243
    $5.21 S-243
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  • S-219
    $5.21 S-219
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