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Free quilt patterns for beginners

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No need to dowload a BOW or BOM, once you subscribed to one or two, all that has left for you to do is wait - the first pattern will be delivered to your email inbox within 24 hours of subscription completed. Then one by one will be emailed to you exactly 1 week apart by an autosender. If and when you failed to receive any, first check your spam folder, and move it to inbox before you open it. Then the rest will reach you smoothly. If you can't find it anywhere, email Thimblelady so we can resend it again.


Easy and simple patterns come with actual original size templates instead of measurements in numbers in order to help new quilters and inexperienced to avoid mistakes in measurement. To make the size as the template, just print it on card pater (easily available at newsagents) and cut the templates up and use them as guides.

To make a larger or smaller version of the design, just take the design (save it on a USB drive) to your local printer (e.g. Officework or Kinko) to print it at a reduced or enlarged size without messing up the proportions. 

For how to piece or applique instructions, get my book/dvds to learn the techniques properly. But most designs here are designed to be easy in techniques, so if you know how to sew straight on a basic sewing machine, that is enough to make a stunning quilt. 

  • Free quilt pattern - Many Sweet Dreams
    $0.00 Free quilt pattern - Many Sweet Dreams
    Easy quilt pattern for beginners and experienced quilters alike! Many Sweet Dreams is requires straight piecing by hand or machine. It is where easy learning Visual Pattern starts. This fun quilt makes the best weekend...

  • Free quilt pattern - Moroccan Tiles
    $0.00 Free quilt pattern - Moroccan Tiles
    Free quilt pattern- Moroccan Tiles - Perfect for large prints.  Use your own fabrics.  Simple straight piecing only - everyone can make it as long as you know how to stitch straight lines by hand or by machine...

  • FREE quilt Pattern - Fish O'Rainbow
    $0.00 FREE quilt Pattern - Fish O'Rainbow
    Free Quilt Pattern - Fish O'Rainbow, visual Pattern. 180cm x 240cm or reduce the pattern through printing to a cot size if you wish.    This is another Visual Pattern by Thimblelady that eliminates...

  • BOM pattern FREE - Singing in the Rain
    $0.00 BOM pattern FREE - Singing in the Rain
    FREE visual quilt pattern - Singing in the Rain, Block of the Month. 180cm x 240cm.  The entire design is divided into 9 blocks with each in the size of 60cm x 80cm paper.  Upon subscription, you will receive...

  • Free Christmas quilt design elements without how-to instructions .
    $0.00 FREE Christmas Quilt Pattern - Joy of Christmas (elements)
    Free Christmas quilt pattern elements to share the Joy of Christmas! This design is made for experienced quilters who do not need step-by-step instructions nor how to illustrations to make anything you like whether it is...

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