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Online Shopping

What are the shipping costs ?

$10/flat rate shipping cost for orders less than $100.

Shipping is free for orders over $100.

For Australian customers, please visit

What shipping methods are used?

We ship by express air mail through Australia Post. You pick up at your local Post Office.

What payment methods are accepted?

Pay with Credit Cards: The most convenient, fast and most secure option for our customers around Australia and around the globe: Choosing Credit Card option, you can make payment with credit cards – your credit card information goes straight to National Australia Bank for processing! You will be informed whether it is approved and cleared right after you press the submit payment button. We, as seller will then receive a go-ahead from the Bank without being given your financial information – you are secure and we are happy to deliver right away. There is no waiting time for payment to clear.

Paypal Express option:
Best for Paypal customers and potential customers who don’t have Visa or MasterCard.

How long will delivery take?

All orders will be dispatched within 24 hours of clearance of payment.

It usually takes 3-5 working days to reach you within Australia and 12-14 working days anywhere else in the world.

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

1. Thimblelady’s shopping cart is a secured shopping cart by the provider.

2. Thimblelady website is also secured by GeoTrust to protect all customer account information – your email address and shipping address. No customer financial information is kept with or handled by Thimblelady even with the security certificate.

3. All transactions are conducted the world’s most secure way:
*Credit Card – Customers around the world can now make payment using any credit card through National Australia Bank! Convenient and secure!
*Paypal Express – the world’s biggest secure online payment gateway. Customers make payment directly to Thimblelady via Paypal without giving away customer payment information to Thimblelady (you should not give your financial information to any seller for your own security);

Most private:
Thimblelady is a business dedicated to advance the art of quilting. We have never and will never give away our customer contact information to any other party.

What exactly happens after ordering?

At every stage of processing your order, an automated email will be sent to your online account (sign in your online account with us, you should see it). Once you see the email notification of “shipped”, you can start counting down, around the 10th day, you can watch out for the delivery notice. Get anxious if you don’t receive your order 2 weeks after the “shipped” notice. Wait for another few days if there are two weekends. Then email me if you still don’t see the parcel.

What currency is used for listed prices?

All product prices are listed in US Dollars.


How to size finger for a thimble?

You don’t need to fit our thimbles, our thimble fits your finger!

Thimblelady’s cone thimbles are designed to be very forgiving in sizing. Most quilters will find they can fit two different sizes and both work well! Fingers do change sizes in a day and in different seasons.

The cone thimbles are designed to keep the fit perfect and keep your finger from cramping in any time of a day and any season. The four sizes cover most finger sizes of real people.

Thimblelady makes our own silver thimbles to your fit. If you can’t find a perfect fit in the above 4 sizes, you can order a silver thimble, we shall customize it to your finger. So you too can enjoy hand quilting without pain.

Sizing your finger is easy! Here is an illustration on sizing:

How to exchange a thimble for a better fit?

Whether you worry about the thimble a bit too big or a bit too small, or you simply aren’t sure what is the right fit, once you’ve got the thimble, it is much easier to work out the perfect size once you have one in hand!

Here is how to exchange:

1. Put the thimble on the finger you intend for in the evening or other time of the day when you quilt more. Wear it for half an hour to see if it is still too big or too small. Then take a picture of your finger with the thimble on (from the back of your hand). Low resolution will do.

2. Email the picture to for me to SEE how it fits. Then I’ll be able to give you a precise instruction on whether it should be exchanged. If yes, what size, after examing your finger size and shape.

3. Once received my assesment, print it off. Print your return shipping address on it and enclose it with the returned thimble. Send it back to Thimblelady PO Box 232, Wahroonga, NSW 2076, Australiafor exchange. Once we receive it, exchange will be made accordingly and sent back.

Here is the feedback from a quilter who needed to exchange her thimble:

Dear Liuxin, I just wanted to let you know I received my thimble yesterday and it fit perfectly! Thank you so much for your help and for allowing me to exchange it. I can’t wait to get started learning to quilt with it. It has been such a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to purchasing more of your products. Happy quilting, Susan Gibbs

Just to make custom thimbles for any shape of fingers aren’t enough. Over past 12 years, we have done everything to make sure our customers get a thimble that fits. The conclusion gained from first hand exprience is service our customers directly is the best value for our customers: our wealth of experience, our large range of stock and our ability to alter thimbles for customers. Now plus free shipping and digital pictures of fingers and fitting by customers. Email consultation enable quick and easy evaluation and advice from Liuxin. What can be better than this?!

Patterns & Other Free Downloads

How can I print a pattern larger than A4?

Unlike the good n’ old days, we had to ship a big piece of paper around in snail mail. Or if you buy an ePattern larger than an A4, you have to print them on several if not a dozen sheets then stuck them together with sticky tapes… Time has changed!

Now you can choose any of our patterns in the size of your choice. At the click of the pay button, you will receive it as an ePattern in your account ready for you to download. Instead of print it at home, save the pattern to a USB drive. Take the USB drive to a local printer (say, Officework around Australia), and get them to print it off their large PlanPrinting machine. It costs less than $3/copy.
All patterns are designed to fit in A4, A3, A2 and A1 pages. A4 can fit in several small design motifs until up to 8inches/20cm. Larger designs are fit onto A3 page. Larger still, onto A2 and A1 with one design on several A2s or A1s for easy printing.

How do I access and use my pattern?

After purchase your attern is delivered to an email address as a pdf. You will then need to print out the pattern design either on your home printer or at a printing shop or Officeworks. You can print as many copies as you like for yourself and your friends – feel free to share. If you wish to share with friends or if you are a teacher sharing with your students, you can simply print more copies of the block as you receive it. It is a Thimblelady pattern designed to share with all who love to quilt. We simply appreciate it if you let your friends and students know this is free from Thimblelady.

Are the patterns free to share?

Free patterns to share for all: The free patterns I have designed on our site are for all to share. This include quilting teachers and shop owners to make your own fabric kits for sale. You are welcome to download and print as many copies as you like. No need to order 9 copies. All we ask is to share with fellow quilters as they are. I can design and am happy to share. I am only too happy if my designs can help hard working shop owners to make up your own fabric kit for the patterns and teachers who do hands on classes on hand quilting, hand applique and hand piecing! Much more new patterns are coming soon! Feel free to share. I can’t wait to see a picture of your quilt using your own fabrics made with our free patterns.

Returns & Refunds

General Refund Policy

Refundables: Full refund on all products faulty. Partial refund of (85% of total purchase after general deduction of actual shipping expense and banking expense) on all goods returned as new and within 30 days after the purchase date.

Non-refundables: All products involving intellectual properties are non-refundable. They are books, DVDs, videos and patterns. Returned products that are obviously used – consult Thimblelady by email before making a return. Returns beyond 30-day after purchase are non-refundable.

Refund shipping cost: Customers must pay for full shipping cost to have returned non-refundable or non-exchangable items shipped back. Returns on non-refundable purchases or beyond 30-day deadlines without Thimblelady consent will be treated as disposed items.

General Exchange Policy

Exchangables: All products are exchangable whether it is faulty or customers changed their mind unless a purchased item is no longer in as new condition or beyond the time frame of 30-day after purchase. Exchange usually covers only the replacement of the same item. Exchange for a different item can be made unless it is a non-exchangable item. Additional shipping cost will apply – consult Thimblelady by email for advice.

Non-exchangables: Items containing intellectual property such as patterns, books, DVDs and items custom made such as cut fabrics are not exchangable unless it is faulty.

Thimblelady Thimble exchange: To ensure every quilter with a perfect fit, Thimblelady’s silver and steel cone thimbles not only can be exchanged at any time before the thimble is used and are free of return shipping cost – Thimblelady pays for sending the exchanged thimble back to you!

Exchange shipping cost: We pay return shipping cost for exchange of thimbles. Customers cover shipping cost for other  reasonable exchanges.

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