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Fabric Markers

A collection of the BEST Fabric Markers covers all your sewing needs!

Magic Seam folder, aka magic marker, Iron-off markers, Water erasable markers (blue), Coloured ceramic pencil and silver gel marker are all you could possibly need for quilting and sewing! For this marker, go to Thimblelady piecing tools.

Iron off marker, in 8 colours, allows you make clear marks and simply iron the mark off!

Water erasable marker (blue) with metal tip by Adga, the original producer, are also great! 

Ceramic color pencil is the best thing for working on strong contrast prints. 

Our good old silver gel maker still have lovers because of their low cost.

Click on the respective marker for further information. For more information on these markers, read my new illustrated article: how to make the most out of your markers! 


Markers comparison and Thimblelady tips:

Iron off markers: Pros: Best for all marking as the marks can be ironed-off after your work is finished. You can feel free to create clear marks using high contrast marks.  Cons: None of the 8 colours work on black or very dark colour fabrics. When quilt is placed in the freezer, below freezing point, the mark comes back.

Water erasable markers (blues): Pros: These water erasable blue markers are the best: first, they are Adga (Japan) water erasable marker - Adga is the company first came up with the markers. It is the safest water erasable markers - Adga boasts 1 min disappearance. Second, the markers come with metal tips instead of felt tips that dry out quickly if you forgot to put the cap on. Cons: None of the 8 colours work on black or very dark colour fabrics. When quilt is placed in the freezer, below freezing point, the mark comes back.

Water soluable markers (8 colours): Pros: These water soluable markers are compensating the Blue water erasable marker above for a variety of colours. Metal tip. Cons: The marks take 5 min to come off. Test before using it on projects that can't be "watered generously" or very light colours. The "ink" tends to come out more at the start - make a mark on other material or paper before marking your design.

Coloured pencil with ceramic leadPros: This is the only marker that will show up on your high contrast fabrics. Best for high contrast and colourful materials where no other marker is as effective. Cons:  Like all pencils, this lead also smudge a bit. I wouldn't use it on white or very light coloured fabrics or plain fabrics - all the rest markers can do a better job in those cases. High contrast and colorful background camouflage and covers "smudges" - a bit wipe off the marks with a damp cloth will be sufficient. It is the most economic lead marker in the market. I prefer to use light yellow (best for dark coloured materials) since other markers can do better job on light and plain coloured materials.  

Silver gel marker: Pros: It is a strange marker - the very early one I could find to use on dark colour fabric. It wasn't supposed to be erasable, but the silver just disappearse over use. Now with more new markers available, many quilters who have followed me to use them still trust them! Very low cost for what it does! Cons: Not to use on very light or plain colour fabrics, just in case they don't come off. test before use. 

  • Magic Seam Folder
    $12.99 Magic Seam Folder
    Magic Seam Folder, aka Magic Marker.   Pros: Best for all purpose of sewing from quilting (mark on right side of material), piecing to needle applique (mark on wrong side of material). What makes it better than...

  • Iron-off markers (2)
    $8.99 Iron-off markers (2)
    A set of 2 Iron-off marker - the best for marking! Now you can feel free to mark as clearly as you like! Just iron the marks off after you are done! Can you believe it?! It doesn't matter what colour you use. As long...

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