Color play in quilts

Color play in quilt making is easy. But it really has frightened a lot of quilters. Allowing you creative use of the colors is the design purpose of Thimblelady’s rainbow colour pallet!

Here are a set of four cushion covers I just made to give you some more ideas on how to make the most of the fabrics in the Thimblelady’s colour pallet.

The above samples are made out of 1 metre (didn’t use all of it) of Thimblelady’s black – grey rainbow fabric. The point of my choice of the Black-Grey colour scheme in this case is to better highlight the simple truth in any colour play!

The clever use of colours is really about the clever use of LIGHT. Or in other words, it is about how to use its effects on colours, no matter what your favourite colour is.

The design idea behind the rainbow colour pallet or each colour in 4 different shades is to make it convenient to create light effect any way you like without the trouble of look for matching fabrics and without buying a lot of fabrics. It is all in one!

Here are closeups of the samples to jog you into thinking how you can turn your Thimblelady rainbow pallet into a new quilt with creative use of colours and lights!


Click here for the simple and elegant pattern, perfect for colour play. Go and have fun! And enjoy it!