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Online Catalog

Thimblelady catalog is free for all to print at home. Click here to print all 24 pages of the catalog.

A copy of the beautifully printed Catalog will be enclosed in every physical orders (excluding digital patterns). Large orders will get more copies so you can give extras to your friends.

To view the catalogue below now in larger size, hold "ctl" key down while pressing "+" key to enlarge the pictures. Pressing "-" key will reduce the picture size.

thimblelady-catalog-11.jpg thimblelady-catalog-21.jpg
thimblelady-catalog-31.jpg thimblelady-catalog-41.jpg
thimblelady-catalog-51.jpg thimblelady-catalog-61.jpg
thimblelady-catalog-71.jpg thimblelady-catalog-81.jpg
online-cataloge-threads.jpg online-catalog-thimblelady10.jpg
online-catalog-thimblelady11.jpg online-catalog-thimblelady12.jpg