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Needle turn applique - it is so easy!

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Immersing in the pleasure of needle turn applique has given me so much pleasure that I can't help to share with you. Look at the happy colors! I bravely ventured out of my color comfort zone and hand dyed this piece of my Fine Cotton Satin into bright magenta red with bits of gold color here and there to tone it down for a gentler feel. 

This cotton satin is the so great to hand dye. It takes color so unbelievably well! It is also "out of this world" to hand quilt with.  Yes, this brilliant magenta is my back ground fabric - where I am planning to hand quilt. I simply can't wait! 

If it entices your applique bug, go and get my share all DVD on needle turn applique or to make it easier for yourself, simply grab the applique learning kit and get started now! 

Have a look at my new quilt with magenta background:

How to trace a hand quilt for beginners

Hi, quilters like to try hand quilting but intimidated by the seemingly daunting task of tracing? No need. Tracing is easy as a piece of cake. Here are the easy steps I love to trace: 1. All patterns or designs can be divided into two parts: motifs and background quilting. I always trace motifs first then [...]

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Frequently asked questions from our latest newsletter

We had some really fantastic questions in response to our latest email newsletter. I have replied individually, but I thought I would also add these to my website to make it easier for everyone. Here are answers to the 2 most frequently asked questions: 1. Currency exchange rate vs. "prices": Many questions from US asked why $50 turned into [...]

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New How to tutorial: How to make a fold-able fabric box with Thimblelady

The tutorial of how to make a fabric box using my Stitch Regulators is finally ready for you to enjoy! Click here to watch my new "movie"!It is so easy to make! It is so much fun to share!!!

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About the polishing agent on our Stainless steel thimbles

Dear quilters, If you have the same puzzle Teresa had. Here is why.Hi, Teresa, nice to hear from you! Thank you for the pictures. To answer your questions: 1. The thimble is a great fit. 2. The black material is our special polishing agent. We take great pride of it. Can't wait to let every hand [...]

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Hand Applique (needle turn) couldn't be easier to learn and enjoy!

Hi, Appliquers, or about to begin? Look for easy applique patterns? Look no further! Like many things in life, it is boring when it is actually too easy to achieve. And many interesting patterns that are complex or more sophisticated tend to make you think it maybe difficult to make! It actually easier than you think - like [...]

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Quilters, new silicone finger protectors are ready for you!

Hi, quilters, our new version of silicone finger protectors: More comfortable! More durable! Cleaner look. Cooler feel. Try for yourself to believe it!

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I am severely allergic! Does your metal thimbles have nickles in them?

Hello from New Jersey USA! I want to get a metal thimble from you but need to know if there is any nickle in the metal. I am severely allergic to nickle. Thank youBonnie----------------Dea Bonnie, nice to hear from you! Our metal thimbles are made in two different materials and none has [...]

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The competitive merits of the new thimbles - by Liuxin

Hi, Janice, nice to hear from you! Congratulations to your progress! To answer your questions:1. To compare with the thimble I used on Simply Quilts back in 2002, both thimbles are new! Over the past 12 years, we have learned through fitting fingers and teaching hand quilting a lot more!!! The old style silver thimble [...]

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Thimblelady's new brand of hand quilting threads finally ready!

Finally, I've got new products! Thimblelady's new brand of perfect hand quilting threads! Yes, perfect! Thimblelady's standard of Perfection: thin, stiff and slippery.1. Thin for easy pulling through quilt works. Thinner quilting thread enable more quilting designs into the quilt. For those of you who love the high dimensional look of the designs and still want quilt [...]

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