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battings and needle breakage

Hi, Kerry, nice to hear from you. Let me help you to diagnose the problem and find the causes:

1. Good quality batting does not mean it is easy for needle to go through when it comes to hand quilting - one cause of snapping needle is trying to load too many stitches and push needle too hard through dense batting. Thimblelady's Small needle is basically the longest and thinnest needle in the world and the best for dense batting such as cotton batting. If this needle snaps when pushing needle through the quilt, try load fewer stitches so needle could be pushed through effortlessly.
2. Thimblelady's fabulous thimble can prevent pain on your hands but you, as the quilter must use it correctly and make the most of it. If your needle snapped when you moved it up and down to load stitches, then it could be caused by incorrect handling of needles. Here are what you should watch how you quilt more closely. 
2.1. If you snap the needle when you try to move the needle to the upright position, your under finger is pushing the quilt up in front of the needle tip (which is going down through to the bottom of the quilt) too closely to the needle tip or pushing up too hard (using too much force) - folding quilt against the needle tip does not need force. Move the under finger further away from the needle tip, quilt will be easily and naturally folded.
2.2. If you snap the needle when you try to lay the needle down to its horizontal position to make the needle tip coming through to the top of the quilt, move your under finger (which is pushing the needle to help tilting the needle tip up) closer to the needle tip or push less hard - needle tip tilt up naturally when your under finger push it closely enough to the tip. Pushing needle close to its mid-point from underneath doesn't make needle tip tilt up. It bends the needle. All needles will break if you bend it beyond its breaking point.
The above a common mistakes. Study my book and DVD again 
(particularly the trouble shooting part), you will appreciate it
better now you have tried it.

Your questions are addressed in the book and DVD.
Cheers, -- Happy Quilting! Liuxin 
Kerry's questions:
Hi. I am just wondering if you could help me. I am hand quilting at the moment using your size small quilting needles but they keep snapping. I snapped 4 in a very short time yesterday. I am using hobbs heirloom cotton batting and good quality cotton material. I have your silver thimble (fabulous!) I am also using your quilting thread. Cant work out what i am doing wrong. Please help. Have hand quilted many times, but never snapped needles like this. Thankyou for your time. It is much appreciated. Regards kerry