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Applique Pattern

Make a beautiful quilt with Thimbelady's applique patterns. Easy and Fun.


The patterns here are designed for you to have fun! The designs are easy to make. The patterns are easy to print and use. Click on each pattern for specific size choices etc.  

When you feel like a bit of applique coaching along the way, feel free to visit our dedicated teaching site: Plenty support are there for you!

How to appliqué? Here is the answer!

Want more substential design to challenge your skills? Become Thimblelady Friends, teach and/or learn at the same time. 

  • easy quilt pattern for needleturn applique.
    $0.00 quilted cushion pattern - Turkish Delight
    Easy quilted cushion. 1/2 metre of the Cotton satin and 1 metre of the black-grey Thimblelady's graduated color fabrics. These amount of fabrics will be more than enough to cover the entire finished cushion + 1 zipper. I...

  • appliqué pattern baby heart2
    $0.00 appliqué pattern baby heart2
    Easy appliqué pattern: Baby heart2! 8in size. Instant download. Print and enjoy. No software to wrestle. A4 size. Print on home printer...

  • Free Christmas quilt design elements without how-to instructions .
    $0.00 FREE Christmas Quilt Pattern - Joy of Christmas (elements)
    Free Christmas quilt pattern elements to share the Joy of Christmas! This design is made for experienced quilters who do not need step-by-step instructions nor how to illustrations to make anything you like whether it is...

  • Appliqué of Seashells
    $2.99 Appliqué of Seashells
    The applique design by Thimblelady, as seen on theQuiltShow by Alex and Ricky. This design is created especially for appliquers who have learned all needle turn techniques of Thimblelady. This is a small design to test all...

  • Easy Applique_Granny's garden blooming
    $0.00 Easy Applique_Granny's garden blooming
    Easy Applique quilt battern. Finished size 1.25 m x 1.25m / 45in x 45in. Basic needle turn applique skills required. Little skills needed if using adhesive interfacing plus basic machine stitching skill. If you are new to...

  • flower bouquet
    $0.00 flower bouquet
    Easy applique pattern for hand appliquers. 60cm x 40cm/24inch x 16inch. Make a great gift! All fabrics in the design are from Thimblelady rainbow colour pallet. See colour options...

  •  Appliqué of Waratah
    $2.99 Appliqué of Waratah
    Applique design by Thimblelady. Infectiously beautiful. You can change compositions with this one basic block to create variations of centre block, and borders. You imagination is the only limit.  This is a set of...

  • appliqué pattern SportsBoy_1
    $0.00 Choose Options appliqué pattern SportsBoy_1
    Easy appliqué pattern: Sports Boy #1. Sports motifs in near real size on A0 paper. Save download to a USB drive and have it printed at a printing shop (such as Officework or Kinko) near you...

  • Japanese dolls #1
    $4.47 Japanese dolls #1
    Quilt pattern for girls: Japanese Dolls - I have created some back views... Why? Because what I found quite impressive is the ubi (the silk brocade used as a belt) were tied most creatively and elaberately, may I say for...

  • Christmas quilt pattern of 9 pieces in 1 with step-by-step instructions and lavish illustrations.
    $19.99 Christmas Quilt Pattern ebook - Joy of Christmas (9 pieces in 1)
    This Christmas quilt pattern ebook of 33 pages with step by step instructions and lavish illustrations. 1. It is designed for beginner quilters who need step by step instructions to make the items. Experienced quilters who...

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