Another magnificent quilt to marvel

Quilted Double Happiness, another magnificent work to marvel! Liza made it! This magnificent quilt made of 1089 perfect magic squares is made by Liza, a rather new quilter! This is the most magnificent and largest Magic Square quilt I have seen (approx 90 inches x 90 inches / 250 x 250cm). It has been two years, two years of magnificent workworkmanship! Doesn’t it move you?!

This kind of work NEVER fails to move me. It always moves me in the most profound way: every stitch is made with care and love! I can see Liza’s personality though the workmanship. Looking at the work, you just know this maker doesn’t take corners and doesn’t take short cuts. And that is Liza! I am sooooo inspired! Don’t you?

And this quilt is for her friend. Liza made it for her best friend, Helen – lucky Helen.  Two years ago, Liza chose Helen’s favourite colours and I have designed it according to all the best wishes Liza had for Helen – we named it Double Happiness.

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Liza’s Double Happiness for Helen:        Her workmanship in close up detail: