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A new Magic Square idea!

Over the sunny spring weekend, I pulled out of my magic squares accumulated over time and made this cute magic square bag! 


All magic square bags are double sided bags. This is the "wrong side" view.


Here is the tutorials for the bag and its sister variations that you can pick and choose and alter to make up your very own! Please note, tutorials on how to make the handles and the chrysanthemum flowers are in the next tuttorials! Click to access the how to tutorial.

1. Squares needed: 17 finished magic squares. In this bag, there are 14 blue squares and 3 red. If you don't already know how to make a Magic Square, click here to learn.

magic square bag3.jpgTo piece the finished squares into this bag, all you need is the Large size Stitch Regulators. Fabrics used is the Indigo Patch blue.

Follow the illustrated step-by step tutorials:

The bag squares layout: there are more design layouts at the bottom of this tutorial. Read on.

One size of bag and the bottom squares: 

hand pieceing bags1.jpg

 How to piece with Large size Stitch Regulators:  


Start the first stitch:


Bouncing the knot into the square:

hand piecing ms3.jpg

hand piecing ms4.jpg

Piecing finished squares should still make the stitches small! Just follow the design of the Large Stitch Regulators. Because it is not OK to replace small and closely stitched stitches with large and more sparcely sewn stitches or with thicker threads. Large and open stitches will result in holes in the bags joints!

 hand piecing with regulators ms5.jpg

The following design layouts make the same bag with a different look!

The coloured lines indicate the sides to be pieced together. Just follow the colour lines.


hand bag2.jpg

hand bag3.jpg

hand bag4.jpg

hand bag5.jpg


Once you have made your bag, you can follow this link to the tutorial on how to make the double sided bag handles and the cute yellow chrysanthemum.