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Established in 1998, Thimblelady has grown from a hobby into a great resource for quilters looking for hand quilting designs and supplies. Following the invention of our special quilting thimble, we’ve developed a range of quilt stencils, quilt patterns, thread, needles and other supplies that offer quality at an affordable, value for money price – great for everyone from total beginners to quilting artists in search of that competition-winning finishing touch.

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Our hand quilting ideas go beyond classic patterns and standard design books, allowing you more creativity and control than ever before. Explore our selection of pattern books via the left hand menu and you’ll find everything from free stencils to books and eBooks which will help you develop your own design and drafting skills. If you’re a total beginner looking for an affordable and simple way to get into quilting, don’t miss our learning packages. Complete with basic supplies, they’re ideal for using with hand quilting tutorials or for following up on a beginner class.

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We offer free shipping worldwide on orders over $100, so it’s even more affordable to stock up on essential supplies and fun new tools! What’s more, we’re so confident you’ll love working with Thimblelady products and hand quilting tutorials, we offer a quality satisfaction guarantee – see here for terms and conditions. Don’t forget to follow our blog to stay up to date with the latest contests, quilting news, and brand new additions to our range!

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Access Thimblelady’s growing library of video tutorials tutorials and quickly learn to quilt with ease and without pain.

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Access Thimblelady’s growing library of patterns and stencils to put your skills to practice with a variety of unique and interesting designs.

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Everything you need to learn to quilt magnificently in one package from quilting supplies and tools to easy to understand tutorials.

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Learn from the thousands of dedicated quilters around the world who have studied Thimblelady technique in our Q&A Forum.



To recognise the fantastic Thimblelady students and their art we will be sharing images of these projects in our online community gallery.


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Learn from the thousands of dedicated quilters around the world who have studied Thimblelady technique in our Q&A Forum.


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