Thank you for taking interests in Thimblelady. Our story is one of those accidental hero type + 120% hard work by everyday people.

Thimblelady™ is our registered business name. It is also our trademarked brand name.

It all began from a question “why can’t I have the dimple bigger?” Frustrated by her inability stop quilting needles flying off her thimble, she picked up her late mother-in-law’s silver smith tools to make a thimble with a huge dimple! With that thimble, she made tiny stitches over night! Soon she found with that big dimple, she can quilt finer without pricking under finger at all using a piecing needle twice the length of the quilting betweens! By word of mouth, she was invited to Simply Quilts in 2002.

Liuxin with-alex anderson.png hand-quilting-by-liuxin.jpg

Since I demonstrated how I hand quilt with my own thimble on a transparent vinyl without my under finger touching even close to the needle tip, the rest is history. Our thimbles turned my hobby into an international business. Ever since I invented an even better thimble that has been successfully granted patent in both US and Australia! Since then, I have invented more!

10 years on, we have also overcome the difficulties of fitting thimbles: 1.Cone thimbles are designed to be much more forgiving in sizing – you can easily get a great fit, not by accurate measurements but by the way a thimble holds on your finger and the placement of dimples with our easy sizing chart – you can always quilt easily without cramping your fingers.
2. Shipping FREE for all thimbles, means in case you measured incorrectly, it will only cost you $1.5/within Australia or $2.6/overseas to send it back for an exchange. And we pay shipping to send the exchanged thimble back to you. All you need to do is to follow the best exchange tip.

3. To focus on learning the quilting technique without worrying about thimble fittings at all, get our learning packages with all sizes of thimbles free for you. Once you have tried the lot days and nights, you’d have a pretty idea on how your finger changes and know for sure what size thimble is the best for you by the end of the learning.

After my tell-all book/DVD, Perfect Hand Quilting Without Pain, I shared all my needle turn applique secrets in my book/DVD, Hand Applique with Thimblelady that enable everyone to applique points sharper than 15 degree, circles smaller than a pin head!

atwinnerscircle2006.jpg applique-elements.jpg

In 2009, I have come up another set of inventions that enable everyone, EVERYONE, to hand piece PERFECTLY! They are my Stitch Regulators and Magic Seam Folder:

paper-piecing-without-paper-by-thimblelady.jpg magic-seam folder by thimblelady.jpg

The invention of the two tools above are truly the drug for your hand piecing additction! The level of perfection adds a whole level of class to your hand work!

Magic Square design, as part of the trio invention, not only give quilt-as-you-go scrapy quilts a classy make over but also eliminated all past frustratrions in cutting and sewing triangles – in Magic Squares, triangles are a result of folding (therefore it is always perfect) – making points meet has never been so easy!

With more to come, we have taken a direction to embrace technology and share online so we can share our inventions and our love for quilt making by hands with quilters no matter where you are in the world!

With Liuxin’s strength in graphic design and passion for sharing, we look forward to meeting you in the Thimblelady community & Thimblelady’s new quilting video tutorial section where you can find room for improvement; Where Thimblelady’s assistance to you at every step of the way to perfection will be 24/7!

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We don’t want to be the biggest store. We don’t want to be a general quilt shop. We want to be the biggest in SERVICE, best in INNOVATION, and highest in QUALITY, both online and offline!