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Hand Sewing & Quilting Needles

Welcome to the home of the best hand sewing needles!

Quality sewing needles are one of the keys to improve your sewing and eliminating physical stress on your hands.

Thimblelady fine needles are made of Grade A surgical steel with sharper points and smoother surface for easy penetration and less gripping pain on your sewing hands.

Thinner and longer by ratio yet stronger allow you to load many more stitches easily, pull the needle with ease and do not sway like the good old straw needles. The strength of the needles comes from using the highest quality of Grade A steel instead of adding thickness to a needle to reduce breakage. The cause of much hand pains and needle breakage are the result of resistance from too thick a needles pushing through too fine a fabric.

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Piecing Tools

Needle Grabber

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Quilting Needles

Self Threading Needles

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Sewing Needle Sizes

Sewing needles at Thimblelady have only three sizes: Small, Medium and Large for all your hand sewing purposes. Liuxin has learned from her own extensive hand sewing that needles thickness should match the density of weave of fabrics one sew on while the length of needle should match the size of the sewer's hand. Therefore, there is no need to match needles to the type of sewing one does: such as applique needles for applique and quilting needles for quilting. Simply remember that a needle can't be too thick to penetrate the materials it sews through nor should it be too short for a sewer's hand and fingers to grip easily.

Our 3 sizes cover all your fine hand sewing needs by matching the densities of weave of your fabrics for all hand sewing purposes. No need for more needles.

Other needles for special sewing purposes:

Basting/sashiko needles:

The needles best for decorative stitching using thick decorative threads. Of course for basting.

Self-threading needles:

The needles best for tieing away multi-strands of thread tails after machine quilting! It is also great for fluffy wool threads.