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Hand Quilting Thimbles, The Key To Perfect Hand Quilting Without Pain!

Perfect hand quilting starts at Thimblelady’s cone quilting thimble design – an improved version of our old style thimble as first seen on Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson.

The thimbles here are Thimblelady’s innovative and patented thimbles. The sterling silver thimble is hardened and hand polished for the best workmanship and ultimate comfort for hand quilters. They are made in Australia. The cone shape thimble is designed to enable you loading multiple quilting stitches at a time easily without physical stress on hand and prevent the pains on your first knuckle caused by the cramping it with its long cone cylinder over your top knuckle. The deep dimples enable you the best control over a quilting needle without the need to grip it with your finger and thumb to prevent griping pain. The rows of dimples aligned vertically to accommodate the natural swells and shrinkage of your fingers from morning to night without the thimble either falling off or pinching the sides of your finger. The stainless steel cone thimble is the most durable and light weight to accompany you a life journey of hand quilting – it has a life warranty from us because we know it will never wear out.

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Quilting Thimbles

Plastic Quilting Thimble

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Quilting Thimbles

Thumb Quilting Thimble

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Quilting Thimbles

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Why choose Thimblelady brand thimbles?

Thimblelady's quilting thimble is designed specifically for hand quilting to perfection. It overcomes the elements in traditional or general sewing thimbles which were designed to prevent sewing needles going back into your finger. The characters of my cone thimble for best hand quilting stitches with the least physical stress are: 

1. Big and deep dimples vertically aligned along the centre ball part of a finger to make it easy to rock a long needle more than a half circle easily without cramped fingers and without pricking onto (feel the needle) the tip of the needle from underneath a quilt. 

2. Long oval shape hold over the top joint of the quilting finger to prevent finger cramping to cause pain on the back of quilting hands. Over the top knuckle instead of sitting above it or pinching onto the knuckle relieve, instead of adding to, the potential stress on the first joint to arthritis suffering quilters. 

This design of thimbles is forgiving in sizing. Deep dimples vertically aligned along the quilting finger ensures the top knuckle never needs to bend when finger swell and shrink in a day - just change dimples. So you can quilt without pain with on thimble for all seasons! 

Three versions made in different materials to meet your needs and budgets. 

Stainless steel thimble: best value for money. Most durable with life warranty. Light weight. Sterling silver thimble: most human skin friendly. Custom made and can be altered to fit your finger! Plastic thimble: next to no weight. Low risk for sizing. See quilting learning package with risk-free sizing.
Click here for finger sizing instructions. Get my quilting book/DVD with tutorials on both the cone thimble and the old style thimble for hand quilting.
Hands movement illustrations in my book: 
Hand quilting stitches on my long needle: 
Stitches on both the front and back: 
Thumb quilting with the cone thimble: 

Note, the "black oily stuff" on the inside of some new stainless steel cone thimble is the unwashed polishing agent. Each steel thimble is hand polished individually and bagged straight after the polishing without finger mark. Easy wash in soapy water will remove it.