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Quilting Hoops & Quilting Frames

The ultimate quilting hoop for hand quilters! Another excellent Thimblelady design.

The sit upon lap quilting hoop is my original design. I designed it to over come the short comings of the traditional hand held quilting hoop to release quilters hands so you can feel free to move the under finger back and forth more easily without holding the hoop and the weight of the quilt on your underarm. The sit upon design is to over come the short coming caused by the way traditional “lap stand” sit on your lap. My sit-upon hoop let you sit up on its stand piece instead of it sitting upon you! It is held down by the natural weight of your legs siting on any chair so the weight of the quilt is held by the seat under your lap not you and your lap to avoid stress on your legs and belly as well as your back.

Quilting Hoops

Quilting Hoop

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Quilting Hoops

Quilting Hoops x 2

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Quilting Hoops

Quilting Frame (Floor)

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Benefits of Thimblelady Quilting Frames

14 in square hold your quilt without stretching your arms to get neck pain.

Thin but WIDE bands hold quilt nicely without distorting it (The wide bands hold your quilt without the need to tighten the screws. Keep the quilt comfy between the rings.)

Adjustment free stand with a light base sitting under your lap, allow you both hands free from holding the quilt!

Better still, the weight of the quilt won't be on you but the seat under you!

Collapsable, so you can carry it around easily: to meetings, on the plane or in a caravan!

Quilting Frame FAQs

If you have any questions about these products, please Ask Thimblelady

Q. Could i please have the dimensions of the two lap quilting frames. I am trying to figure out which size would be less. I sometimes wear a size 20. 
  1. The hoop’s dimension is as shown in the picture bellow. The key difference between Model 1 and Model 2 hoops is not the size but the shape of the stand piece connecting the U piece of the hoop to the base board. The purpose of this more ergonomic design is to maintain effective quilting surface within the hoop’s ring tilting towards a quilter all the time to reduce strain on a quilter’s arms and back caused by overstretching and leaning forward too much. If you have tried many traditional hoop designs, you might have found “the dead angles” where the effective quilting surface started to tilt away from you in the rotation.
  1. Model 2 quilting hoop keeps the base slightly closer to your knee when sitting on it, so your belly won’t get in the way. The length of the Model 2 stand piece is only slightly longer than that of the Model 1, just to compensate the increased “distance” of placement of the hoop under your lap without changing the over height of the hoop from the seat to just under your elbow. This is not so important to tall ladies because the extra length of their own arms and torso naturally increased their coverage of a quilting hoop that is only 14 inch in diameter.