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Thimblelady’s Hand Quilting Threads

The quilting thread here is the best for hand quilting. This unique 100% cotton thread is made in US. It is characterized by a combination quality such as fine, smooth and stiff. It is not only easy to stitch through layers of quilt, but also holds down batting well to land your quilt more dimensional look than the usual soft and hairy cotton thread that tangles a lot. If you haven’t tried it, you haven’t lived! Try Thimblelady’s fine cotton fabric best for hand quilting with Hobbs Tuscany wool batting with our Thimblelady brand of hand quilting thread to hand quilt, it is simply like heaven!

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Rose Hand Quilting Thread


Quilting Thread

Gold Hand Quilting Thread


What makes a quality hand quilting thread?

The key criteria for best hand quilting threads are thinner, stiffer and slippery.

Thinner thread makes your stitch looks finer; Less bulk of threads in quilt keeps your quilt soft with more stitches. It is also easier to pull thread through.

Stiffer thread makes your stitch looks deeper in the quilt, creating much more effective embossing effect of your designs. That is why I hand quilt - for that eternal look of dotted lines...

Slippery cotton thread is "glazed" meaning with hair compressed down so it is no longer hairy to cause tangling or knotting.

Thread Length

A$10.99/1000 meters. Please note, 1 spool is enough for you to quilt an entire queen quilt at a pattern density of 1/2 inch cross hatching. It means 1 spool can make two queen size quilts with pattern equivalent of 1 inch cross hatching. Use this thread with Thimblelady's cotton satin fabrics perfect for hand quilting will give you a taste of heaven for hand quilting!

Thread Colours

To find out why only 6 colors of hand quilting threads will cover all your hand quilting needs, read my tutorial.

hand quilting threads

1. Natural: one colour fits all with an unmistakable attitude of "returning to Nature".

2. White: one of the two mono colours, can be used for any colour quilt tops. Add purity to your work.

3. Red wine: best for all colours except baby quilts. Not common for tender colour quilt tops. Add warm earthy effect to your design. Low contrast when used on black or other dark background fabric creates an understated elegance.

4. Gold: Great for every colour top except white fabric. Where you can use white and natural colour thread, you can safely use the gold. It adds a rich and warm feeling to your work.

5. Rose: Great for all colour top except black fabric. It adds a tenor pretty touch to your work. A must have for girls quilt.

6. Black: Great for all colour top except black top: Nothing wrong, just that your eyes may not like watching black on black. In fact, Red Wine colour thread is the best to use on black fabric so your quilting design are not taking over yet still there when eyes are looking for it.

Try Thimblelady's hand quilting threads, you'll know what I mean! For more information on how to best present your quilting stitches to quilt design, check out my quilting book/DVD on Perfect Hand Quilting Without Pain. For full information on how to hand quilt without pain and achieve that perfect stitches in just hours, check out our popular hand quilting learning package.