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The answer to Why everyone has improved SO dramatically after learning my needle turn appliqué course is because I have shared TRUE SECRETS – all of them -in my book + DVD Perfect Hand Appliqué with Thimblelady! My book is about how to appliqué better and the best of our time!!!

My trademarked hand appliqué tutorials have been developed by me, a real quilter just like you! My techniques are precise step-by-step techniques, detailed down to how to hold your project, how to cooperate both hands and how to turn the every bit of seams precisely so you can turn every 1 or 2 inches of seams with a fine needle easily with ONE TURN instead of sweeping the seams under with multi-turns.

My book and DVD are not about how to succeed with particular hand appliqué patterns. It is techniques that will enable you to turn seams perfectly and precisely with ease around the 6 most basic shapes (convexes, concaves, points, indentations, circles and both sides of a fine line), that exist in all applique designs. With my instructions, needle turn Baltimore Album will be a piece of cake for you if you master only half of the techniques in my book! – It is my promise.


Applique Kits & Packages

Applique Learning Package


Applique Kits & Packages

Applique Class DVD

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Applique Book & DVD

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What to expect from Thimblelady hand applique kits

This applique package for learning is a practice kit with Liuxins technique-by-technique close-up demo video. The package contains butterfly patterns from easy to make to challenge level skills plus fabrics and threads etc. Practice while learning is the best way to learn needle-turn applique. Try it.