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Quilting patterns for advanced

Quilting designs for advanced quilters 

Quilting Designs especially made with love by Thimblelady to help YOU show off your excellent needle skills!

We assume you have already mastered all Thimblelady's innovative techniques on hand quilting, hand applique and hand piecing. If you haven't, get Thimblelady's learning packages to sharpen your skills first.


  • BOM_Magic Square Maple Fair
    $0.00 BOM_Magic Square Maple Fair
    The ultimate magic square practice design: This design is made to encorporate all magic square variations which includes basic magic square, 2 - 4 fabrics magic square, magic spouse - mirror image, magic nephew and niece -...

  • BOW - Gone with the Wind
    $0.00 BOW - Gone with the Wind
    Gone with the Wind, using visual Pattern.  The entire design is divided into three major parts. The 3 parts are spread onto 7 templates in original size. The back ground is one template and you need to make 112 of them...

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