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Quilting patterns for advanced

Quilting projects for advanced quilters in pursuit of excellence! 

Quilting Designs especially made with love by Thimblelady to help advanced quilters to show off your excellent needle skills can be subscribed on this page.

All designs are Visual Patterns in original sizes. We assume you have already mastered all Thimblelady's innovative techniques on hand quilting, hand applique and hand piecing. If you have, you are ready to try yourself with the most advanced designs for Thimblelady's master quilters!

Also on this page are advanced or intermediate level designs and projects for you if you are not ready for the most advanced designs.


All intermediate and advanced BOWs are A$12/one off payment - Yes, the entire cost of a 9 or 12 parts of any Block of the Week delivered in 9 to 12 weeks. Once you have subscribed to it, just wait. The BOW will be automatically sent to your email inbox, or spam folder - if you find it in the spam, move it to inbox before opening, you will receive the rest without trouble.

The first BOW will be delivered to you within 24 hours of subscription automatically by the system. Then one by one with exactly one week apart. If and when you fail to receive any, email Thimblelady, we'll send it again.


The three Master Designs (e.g. Mystery Vases) in Block of the Month cost $25/month - with pattern and instructions/lectures only. Fabric kit and threads can be purchased separately. Once you subscribed to it, we'll contact you to get your credit card details by phone so we can charge you on a monthly basis for the rest of the BOMs.

Now go ahead and Enjoy!

  • BOM_Magic Square Maple Fair
    $23.20 Choose Options BOM_Magic Square Maple Fair
    Quilting learning master course BOM: This design is made to encorporate all magic square variations which includes basic magic square, 2 - 4 fabrics magic square, magic spouse - mirror image, magic nephew and niece - another...

  • BOM_Mystery Vases William Morris style
    $21.35 Choose Options BOM_Mystery Vases William Morris style
    Applique pattern designed for the die hard needle turn applique lovers so you can be the best you can be! This design requires advanced needle skills - all advanced needle turn techniques in Liuxin's Perfect Hand...

  • BOW - Gone with the Wind
    $5.57 BOW - Gone with the Wind
    Block of the Week - Gone with the Wind, using visual Pattern. A double bed size quilt design using a combination of traditional easy log cabin design with a twist for contemporary arty look!   The entire design is...

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