When a quilting hoop is necessary

When it is best to use quilting hoop…

Hi, Karen, nice to hear from you. My hand quilting technique and my thimble change how you quilt without pain (to enable you not quilt better without pricking fingers) together with a thinner and longer needle. A hoop or frame is not necessary when it comes to stop finger pricks. Then, why do I still recommend a hoop? To me, a quilting hoop’s sole job is to release you from carrying the weight of a quilt, which is the main cause of much unnecessary stress on your lap, back, shoulders and arms when making a large quilt.

You may have noticed the character of my unique hoop design is completely hands free! That is the very and only point of using a hoop in hand quilting using this technique. Another major difference of my quilting hoop is it can keep quilt very LOOSE in the hoop instead of tight so you can still fold quilt totally stress-free as if you were hand quilting without a hoop!
That is all the hoop is for. In that case, when you make a small quilt or make large quilt block by block, you don’t need a hoop unless you quilt rather intensively and would like to avoid potential accumulated stress. Even if you decide to use one, you should still use it correctly by hand quilting in it loosely as if you are quilting without a hoop!  I hope my answer is to the point and helpful to you.
Cheers, Liuxin
Karen’s questions:
Hi Liuxin, I am from Pensacola, FL.  I recently read your book and was completely amazed.  I have a question for you.  I do not use a hoop, but quilt in my lap.  Is your technique possible without using a hoop?  I would like to order a thimble and try your method, but I don’t use a hoop so I don’t know whether it would work.  Thanks for taking time to consider my email.