A Magnificent Double Wedding Ring Quilt is Made

Magnificent double wedding ring quilt by Liza and Sue. This quilt enbodies all the hallmarks of a great achievement!

Please note: the main fabrics used in the quilt is the peacock blue fabric, merrygolds(2: light and rich) and the cotton satin fabric which is magnificent to hand quilt!

It is creative, traditional timeless double wedding ring design with a light and modern twist. Well, I take credit for the twist. Wink. I have also helped the sisters to make this quilt using straight piecing with the stitch regulator and needle turn curved piecing to make it easier to handle and achieve better finish. But this is not the point I want to make here…

What has touched me deep inside is that this magnificent work has turned out to be the best extraordinary showcase of their willingness to go that extra mile! Without the extra effort, extra patience and extra determination, this work just wouldn’t have been so moving!

I have witnessed the making of this quilt from beginning to end for almost two years. I have come to respect them so much more! They first come to me with a desire to make something SPECIAL for their parents’ gold anniversary. All along, they kept learning and pursuing excellence refusing cutting corners on quality.

This quilt is truly made with LOVE and CARE. Two years of time spent on this quilt maybe only “two minute” in their lives. But oh boy, how well spent that has been! Are you inspired?

Celebrate hand quilting with a project that will take extra effort to accomplish. Celebrate this Christmas with a new quilt that you will make with love and care! And you will not rush to finish it, instead, it will be the best you can make, whatever it takes!

– Cheers, Liuxin


Get the fabrics here here

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