Hi, Alison, nice to hear from you. Here are my answers to your two questions:

1. You are right the cone thimble is best only on two types of sewing: hand quilting and American piecing when it is magnificent for you to load multi stitches with ease – by multi stitches, I mean many more stitches than any other thimble or without a thimble allow you to load, not three or 6 stitches at a time but 12-14 stitches at a time. More stitches at a time not only mean faster quilting or piecing with a longer needle without stress on hands, but more consistent lines of stitches.
2. Silver vs Steel. As many quilters with both silver and steel cone thimbles, they all say they do not need to look at which thimble on the finger, they just know the difference. It is really a cost concern. Even though I have been recommending the steel thimble ever since the GFC, our silver thimbles never stopped selling themselves. Both will enable you to make perfectly beautiful stitches. For those who never had a proper silver thimble on their fingers (those plated silver etc) don’t count, they may never feel anything missing. But for those who have had silver or gold, they do feel an obvious “dress down”.
So I’d say, to get the best of both world of quality and low cost, get a silver old style thimble which you will wear a lot for all types of sewing and a steel cone thimble to enjoy hand quilting and piecing for now. When you truly love quilting and piecing with the cone thimble and do a lot of it, you can always get a silver cone thimble as a treat to yourself. I hope this is helpful for you to make a decision best for you.
Cheers, Liuxin
Alison’s original question:
Good morning Liuxin (well, for you, good evening!)
I am about to place an order for your applique and quilting packages and thimbles.  I have two questions:
Regarding the old style thimble.  While the new style thimble looks as though it would be good pretty much only for quilting, the old style thimble looks as though it might be good for all types of hand sewing.  So my question is what are your thoughts on this?  My hand sewing skills are limited, so I need to ask.  I’m also a weaver and will be sewing up my own yardage.
Regarding silver vs. stainless steel.  You mention in one place that the silver is more friendly to the skin than the steel.  Could you please elaborate?  I know the silver will eventually wear out but wonder if the feel will make it worthwhile regardless.
I am looking forward to learning applique and quilting from you!
G. Alison Giachetti